Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pretty in Prints

Prints have been huge this year and I hope they carry over to Fall and Winter.  Fall is almost here in eastern NC.  It's still in the mid seventies most days, which is nice because it means I can keep wearing my sandals for another week or so.  Though I do have some new leggings stockpiled and waiting in the wings to wear with boots soon.  Sometimes drab and neutral, fall clothes get me a little bit down, but I am looking forward to watching my razor collect dust during the coming cold months.  (Thanks, Leggings!)

I ordered this great mixed paisley print dress from Zulilly.  It was manufactured in India, though there was no manufacturer name label inside, so I can;t tell you where to get one of your own.  I love the bright colors, grass green is a pretty close runner up to orange ad my favorite color.  Since my dress came from India, I decided to pair it with some green bead earrings that Rachael brought back form her recent trip to India. The best kinds of friends to have are the kind that buy you accessories!

Lane Bryant Cardi, Naturalizer Sandals

These shoes make me feel so tall!

We will be switching gears to fall clothes coming up.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 14, 2013

From Paris with Love!

Greetings Horizontal Stripers!
Fall is in the air! The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice is in everything, and the days are getting shorter. Unfortunately around here, the weather hasn't really made up it's mind! We have gotten a few cool days, but the rain always follows, or the temperature decides to jump back up! What's the cure for fickle weather? To join the jet set, of course!

This combo is perfect for a morning walk along the river Seine!
 The Lourve is another fantastic idea!

 And the reward for looking fabulous and getting fit?

Baguettes, and croissants, and eclairs, Oh my!
     Even though my Parisian excursion was imaginary, these on trend pants are not! Rock an ankle length pant, and don't be afraid to add some volume on top since they are tapered at the bottom! Keep your wellies and umbrella in the car, just in case of emergency or last minute vacation! Until next time, au revoir, and in the immortal words of B*Witched, C'est La Vie!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Over the weekend I headed up to Asheville, NC for my college reunion at Warren Wilson College.  (Asheville, btw is a magical place that all of you should visit before you die.  It's beautiful and full of friendly, interesting, and unusual people.)  I'm not a particularly nostalgic or emotional person, so I was surprised that visiting my old campus actually made me a bit melancholy.

Prior to our reunion dinner, I received a card in the mail along with the invite asking me to write down the craziest thing I had done while attending WWC.  And I couldn't think of a single thing.  I have never been much of a risk taker and I would probably describe myself as a bit of a wallflower during my college years and being back there reminded me of good times and old friends, but it also reminded me of all the insecurities I had back then, and how I let those insecurities keep me from really living my life to the fullest.

My visit also had me reflecting a bit about my style back then.  It was pretty typical hippie-college style back then, flare leg jeans, sandals or clogs, and whatever clean top that was nearby.  I rarely wore make-up and never shaved and I always looked slightly disheveled like someone who just woke up from a nap (mostly because I had probably, actually, just woken up from a nap).  I definitely blended it.  

These days I don't dress to blend in anymore, I wear what I like, whenever I want, wherever I want.  And I think it's an outward manifestation of the confidence I found/made in my late twenties and now my thirties.  If you asked me to fill out a card today about the craziest thing I have done, I could prob come up with a short list.  I'm still not the world's biggest risk-taker, but I'm not afraid to get out there and see and be seen anymore.  

There is only one constant from my style then to now and that's my affinity for cardigans.  (Well actually I still don't shave my underarms, is that considered a part of my style?.)  I always have and always will love me a cardigan.  I own dozens of them in every color imaginable.  I wear one practically every day; I even have some lightweight ones for summer months.  I have cropped ones and long boyfriend ones, prints and solids.  But lately the cardigans that I am most obsessed with are the super adorable, retro-inspired, Isaac Mizrahi Live!, cardis from QVC.  That's right QVC, you read it correctly.  His cardigans are well-made, come in fabulous colors and prints and so far I have three of them.  Behold:

Isaac Mizrahi Live! cardigan in ikat print, ASOS Curve dress, and Annie shoes.

I think I must've seen this pose in a JC Penney Catalog, it says "I'm sassy, but I take no guff."   

Another ASOS Curve desss with Naturalizer sandals.

Holding onto my sweater tight to keep it form blowing away like my hair.  ;)

I didn't get a picture of myself in this cardi, though it is probably my current favorite.  Can't you picture it with a pair of red trousers?  So cute for fall.

Until next time Stripers, make sure to give yourself permission to be who you really are, flaws and all. Whoever you are is enough and positively fabulous.

xoxo, Kelly