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Hey ya’ll! I’m Kelly, a thirty-four-year-old, snappy dresser, dog lady, and book lover. 

I work in a large public library, which I mostly love. When I'm not answering reference questions, you can find me reading sci-fi novels, napping with my dogs, playing trivia with my friends, or eating tacos.  

I wanted to start this blog because for most of my life I have felt a little left out when it comes to fashion and I don't want any other women to feel that way. (Style is for everyone!)  And also because I need a way to justify all of the online shopping I do. 

When it comes to my style, I love vintage inspired designs, dresses with pockets (and crinoline), bright colors, and wedge heels.  I aspire to have the poise and perfectly coiffed hair of the lovely southern ladies in my family. 

I'm Brittani! Hey ya'll! Welcome to Horizontal Stripes.  I'm a world traveler with some Southern flair! I have had the privilege of growing up Armybrat and living the life of an Army wife as well, so I've seen lots of the nooks and crannies of this country and quite a few others. Having the world as my classroom has broadened my appreciation of all kinds of beauty, style, and culture.

I like chillin' out with my husband and dog, Jeopardy and word searches (the more nerdtastic the better), and trawling the marketplace for fabulous finds. I'm a bargain hunter, ya'll. I love a good deal, will repurpose something in a minute, and believe that just because you have to make rent doesn't mean that your closet has to suffer. I also believe there are some fashion staples you just shouldn't skimp on.

I used to be super hard on my body. When I think back on it, it almost brings tears to my eyes. Everyone who has one thing, wants something else. Appreciate what you've got ladies. Every freckle, every scar, and every "imperfection". You are worthwhile! As long as there's still a beating heart in that body, you've got a gift that many others don't. Because I used to hide myself in jeans that were too big and shirts that I used to swim in, you'll often find me in dresses and skirts. I've also got big hair and a big personality, and you'll definitely see how that influences my fashion choices too.

I'm Ginny! You know the movie Despicable Me? If my life were a movie, it would be called Adorkable Me!

I’m that girl. We all know her, the one who can’t go out to eat without spilling something on herself. The klutzy girl who trips upon walking into a party, giving everyone else something to giggle about the entire night. But I’ve learned to accept this about myself – even embrace it!

I love that I’m a nerd, and my fashion sense reflects that. I rock my Star Wars T-shirts with pride! My favorite piece of jewelry is a silver necklace with a sloth charm, because let’s face it; sloths are awesome!

Formerly afraid of wearing anything bright or out of the ordinary, this girl is coming out of her fashion shell and making geek chic her own!

Rachael here. As a professional photographer, I have traveled extensively and adopted a global flair to my fashion sense. I’m just back from a trip to India, where I worked to shed light on the children born into human trafficking. I am very influenced by the bright colors and soft prints of the Middle East.

Clothes bought off the rack never fit me right, and for years I tended to dress frumpy because of it. Now, I’ve learned to tailor clothes to fit my shape so my fear of shopping is a thing of the past.

I’m a mother of two and my job always has me bending, kneeling and lifting, so for me, comfortable clothing is a must! But the idea that being comfortable means looking sloppy is a belief I do not subscribe to! Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, but I’m always on the lookout for a cute top to make my own.

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