Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A blog by any other name...

A blog by any other name simply would not have done for us, ya'll. All the Horizontal Stripes contributors have dabbled in the cyber world in some way with websites and blogs with varying degrees of success. Some us of have been much more and much less dedicated to it than others, but we all agreed that this particular blog was a worthwhile endeavor. Why Horizontal Stripes? Why now? Well  frankly, all of us love clothes! We all have different personal styles and are at different points in our lives, but we have one thing in common and that's that we're all luscious ladies who love fashion!

While plus sized fashion choices have expanded over the years, there is still a long way to go. The very fact that we have to differentiate ourselves in the retail market by separating out larger sizes into their own category is a testament to that.We may not be petite Petunias, but we are all proud of our curves and would like to empower other women to be proud of theirs! This blog will feature content aimed at the plus sized crowd, but we want to make it clear that everyone is invited to our site. Most importantly BODY SHAMING OF WOMEN OF ANY SIZE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!! Our aim is to promote body acceptance and showcase different types of women, as well as highlighting fashionable philanthropies that help women all over the world.

Plus sized is often used -ironically- as a one size fits all term to describe women over a size 12 in the retail world and in the modeling world anything over a size 6 is considered plus sized. :-O Plus sized women are short, tall, pear shaped, busty, long torsoed, and many times a combination of these and many other body shapes along with being plus sized. We won't be put in a box! Cute has no size limit. Sexy is innate part of being a woman. Just because the fashion police say no, does not mean you can't wear what you want. There'll be no mumus on this blog! Buckle up your waist-defining belts because there are dangerous curves ahead!

The Horizontal Stripes Team

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  1. Hey, us "petite Petunias" have our own crappy section of the store to contend with :). But, yay for cute blogs about clothes!