Monday, September 9, 2013

Hats off to Summer!

It's finally happened.....the end of summer.  Well, almost anyway.  Brittani and I still have one last hurrah planned before we dust off our leggings and boots.   In just 12 short days we are headed to the Outer Banks with some friends and family for a week of waves, sangria, and sunshine.  We can't wait.

 There's only one teeny weeny problem for me when it comes to the beach, sunburn.  I'm a pale, freckled, Scotch-Irish, girl and I can go from blindingly white to beet red in fifteen minutes.  I am not exaggerating.   I have found some great sunscreens over the years and I discovered that if you actually follow the directions on the back, they work really well.  ;)

But there is one place that I always, without fail, get sunburn and that is my scalp.  My side part will be hot pink by the end of a day in the sun.  I know you are thinking: why doesn't this lady just wear a hat?  Because I hate them, because it's hard to find hats that fit my boulder head, because they make me feel like an old lady, because on windy beaches they blow away.   What's that you ask, why don't I apply some of that magic sunscreen to my part?  Because it makes my hair greasy and flat and sad.  :(

So I have come up with the most stylish of all solutions, the turban!  All you need is a large square scarf and you too can protect your hair and scalp from damaging sun rays.

It took a little practice for me to get it right.



Square scarf folded in half, to make a large triangle.

90 degree corner to the front.

Bring both ends to the front, 

then tie.  Not too lose or too tight.  Maybe don't put the tag in the front.  ;)

Fold front corner back.

Tie ends again, over corner to hold it down.

We're getting there.

Tuck sides down.

Tuck loose ends under.


From the side.

Hello, stylish, sun-conscious, lady.

If you use a really large scarf, you will have to tie the ends and then pull them all the way back behind your head and tie them again.

Pull the front corner forward, 

Then tuck it back.

Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with cool, asymmetrical looks and strange, facial expressions

In case you need some more inspiration, here's an instructional video about turbans from 1942.

xoxo, Kelly

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  1. Love it! Adorable! And I love that you're rocking it with short hair too!