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Cut As Straight Size or Plus Sized? That is the question!

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Since Kelly posted some of those fabulous sales I know you all went out to take advantage of all the floral prints, fabulous frocks, and sexy swimwear that was on sale! A few more sales have popped up as well at Ashley Stewart, Kiyonna, and OneStopPlus just to name a few. Also, don't forget you can take advantage of the Mother's Day sales going on. You don't have to be a mama to dress with a little drama! Anyhow I'm rambling, so to the topic at hand! I thought it was important to write this post about sizing because often we as women are taught to and do hate our bodies when something doesn't fit. Quite honestly not everything will fit everybody or every body! There are so many things that make us different and make us beautiful! The term "plus sized" is used as a catch all term that lumps anyone over a size 12 into a category. Yes ladies, you heard me! Some retailers consider a size 12 plus sized! You and I both know a size 12 woman is not plus sized, but I digress! After reading this crazy article I was more incensed than ever to give you gals some great information, so here goes!

Image courtesy of Ms. Diane Kennedy

This is not the average body type/how to dress your shape post. While I find those particularly helpful, there are many blogs I love that have covered them well. You can check out one here, as well as by clicking on the link underneath the image above as well.This is a post of a different kind. I am going to talk about fit modeling and what that means for you and the way clothes fit.

Fit models are basically people who are hired for use as living mannequins by fashion designers or clothing manufacturers. They help a designer check the fit, drape, and visual appearance of a design. Models can also give feedback on the way fabric feels, whether or not something is comfortable, and if the design moves with the body or not. It's important to note that fit models are chosen by the designer or manufacturer's ideal combination of height, bust-waist-hip measurements, arm and leg length, shoulder width, and any other combination of measurements necessary to fit the creator's specifications. That means a fit model could look like this:

Image courtesy of Fit Models LLC

Image courtesy of  Fit Models LLC

                                                 Image Courtesy of  Fit Models LLC

Or This:
Image Courtesy of Fit Models LLC

It really is up to the designer's discretion. Many specifically plus sized brands actually hire plus sized fit models which they use to create the correct darting, seaming, and drape for a fuller figure. I say many because a model is considered plus sized at a size 6, while many plus sized customers wear a larger size than this (12 +). Many straight sized brands simply use the pattern of whatever fit model has been chosen and then just enlarge the pattern to create a larger size. The problem with this is, if you are trying on a garment that was intended for a body shape more like models 1-3 and you're actually built more like model 4, an enlarged version of a garment that fit well on one of them may not fit so well on you, even if you've bought it in a larger size. It is more effective to size patterns up and down within the plus sized range when the fit model is plus sized (12+), as opposed to trying to create a size 22 garment from a size 2 fit.

This is not to say plus sized women cannot wear straight sized clothes. Just don't get so frustrated with your body when something doesn't fit. That particular piece just may not be for you! Likewise, you may feel the difference in the fit and feel of clothing from plus sized brands because their fit model is larger. Some brands that you wouldn't suspect are cut in juniors sizes, so it's helpful to do some brand research when planning to shop. So the burning question is, why don't more brands use plus sized fit models to fit larger ( XL-XXL)/plus sized versions of their clothes? Quite simply, some designers don't feel that the expense to do this is worthwhile, like there really isn't the demand out there, or like our good friend in the above article, that their brand is only for an idealized version of a certain type of person.

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Don't let the size on the tag ruin your mood! If it fits you, no one else will ever see the tag, so don't sweat it! Also, know that sizing is not universal! If you're an internet shopper you know that a size chart does not a size equal, and even when you know your measurements like the back of your hand, that's no guarantee something will fit. Don't hate your body! Of course we all have parts we like less than others, and sometimes we feel less than our best, but you don't have to live in a state of body hatred. Learn what works for YOUR body, and stick with it. It takes trial and error. Don't ever be afraid to wear what you want! Keep taking care of your curves, and they'll take care of you!

Until next time ladies!

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