Friday, May 17, 2013

I don't mean to rant here, but...

The goal of this blog is to empower women. Have them accept their bodies as they are, nay, embrace them! Therefore, we are going to try and keep things pretty positive. But every once in a while, one of us will see something that gets our blood boiling, and then… Well, then, it’s time to rant!

Those of you who follow the news, may have heard of the flap caused by plus size consumers in April when Target gave a plus size dress an unfortunate name. See, in the standard size line, the Target Kimono dress was called Dark Heather Gray. The plus size version? Manatee Gray. Yes. Manatee. As in Sea Cow.

The incident caused a commotion in the news and on the Internet. Target took the dress off their website and apologized for any “accidental” insult they may have caused. But I don’t think it was an accident at all, I think Target – and some other stores like it – are sizist!

Check out YouTube user ImFashionablyLate’s video on a visit to Target where there is no decent plus size clothes to be found:

I too have had a similar experience recently when trying to search for sleepwear at Target. Tons of cute stuff, all ending at size L or the occasional XL. No extended sizes whatsoever. What confuses me more is I don’t live in a town full of health-conscious, skinny, exercise freaks. I live in a southern North Carolina town full of women who like to eat. I know there is a market for plus size clothes in my area, so why are stores like Target no responding to the need?

And yes, I know they still carry a selection on the website. But I don’t always want to take a week to find a new top, waiting for it to come to my house trying it on and inevitably returning or exchanging it when it doesn’t fit. Never mind the fact that I then have to pay return shipping. That’s a whole other blog post!

How are we as plus size women meant to feel like valued consumers when we can shop for everything under the sun at these stores – we can buy bedding, groceries, even motor oil for our cars, but we can’t clothe ourselves?

I’m not feelin’ the love, Target. And your little PR gaffe in April has me thinking you mean it that way. That you hold the plus size consumer in very low regard. Who agrees? Has anyone else noticed a sharp decline in the amount of plus size clothes offered at your favorite store? Sound off in the comments!

Irritated in Carolina,

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  1. I love this! You are right Ginny! We must hold our retailers accountable. There is another plus sized extension of a straight sized company that is currently having a closing sale because the profit figures must not have been as projected. It's probably more so because they had very high prices,VERY,VERY inconsistent sizing, and a terrible return policy. As a fellow Horizontal Stripes contributor mentioned,"It's like they wanted to cash in on the plus sized market, without actually being committed to it." I have to agree we get the run around in this manner, unless it's a plus sized specific retailer. It's not even about hurting anyone's feelings, even though I can understand how that could happen. Whether or not you think we deserve clothes, we plus sized ladies exist. If you want our money, stop skimping and taking the easy and often offensive way out!