Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Attitude of Gratitude

Good afternoon Stripers!
     I wanted to write a non fashion related post today about an important topic: Gratitude! The struggle has been oh-so-real in my life lately and instead of turning into Eeyore about it all, I've decided to count all my chickens, both hatched and unhatched.  I think it's very easy to get bogged down by what we don't have, whether it's a job that seems unattainable, the 30 cents in our bank account, or the broken A/C in our car.  We tend to forget that there are people without shelter, those who've just lost loved ones, and those who, no matter how hard they try, cannot seem to catch a break. Take a little time to show an Attitude of Gratitude today!

     Below is a short list of tips compiled from Jeff Haden's article, How to Know You'll Be Extraordinarily Successful, which I read on LinkedIn earlier today. They were aimed at the business community but are generally good advice for all of life. I hope they give you a place to ground your attitude transformation.

Find happiness in the success of others.
Relentlessly seek new experiences.
Don't think work/life balance, just think life!
Be incredibly empathetic.
Have something to prove -- to yourself.
Don't think you're special.
Realize that success is fleeting, but dignity and respect last forever.

      I hope this post is encouraging to you, and though it's not Turkey Day -- the usual time that self-reflection is encouraged-- a little self-reflection never hurt anyone. I hope you'll join me in seeking out joy in the small things over the next 30 days! Show us what you're grateful for by tagging your photos #30daysofgratitude and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or by following us on Instagram: Horizontal_Stripes

Until next time Stripers!

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