Friday, May 8, 2015

Sizzlin' in the Rain!

Greetings Stripers!
I apologize for the delay between posts, but I had the end of the semester time crunch at both work school and virtual school. I'm not a flake, but I don't have the ability to pull all nighters anymore.


     Nor can I pop up like a daisy in the wee hours of the morning to work on assignments.


But at least for awhile, I will have both my normal sleep schedule and my faculties back, so look out for posts to become a bit more consistent. 

Anywho, in celebration of  the consistently warm days and Vitamin D washing over me, I decided to be the ambassador of Spring today!

April showers have brought lovely May flowers, but a little rain doesn't have to mean sadness in the forecast!

One of my students came to stand under my umberella, ella, ella. She loves to photobomb my blog pics.

Shirt: Cato, Skirt: Venezia(an old Lane Bryant brand), and Sandals: Payless

I usually shy away from pastels because I think deeper colors look best with my skin tone, but this parasol skirt and butter yellow shirt just made me so happy, I couldn't resist!
The temperatures are rising and summer isn't that far away! Break out of your routine and try pastels today! 

Aren't I just a regular Dr. Seuss?

My classroom is calling, and I've gotta run!I hope your day is filled with fashion and fun!
Ok, I'll stop. I promise! Have a great day all!

Until next time Stripers!

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