Monday, June 24, 2013

This Summer, Rock Your Emeralds and Nectarines!

For my day job, I keep a Pantone Color Wheel near me at all times. So, why would I not do the same when clothes shopping? ;-)

Pantone has listed the must-have colors for Spring/Summer. Among them? Two of my favorites, emerald and nectarine! Or as I like to call them, teal and coral!

Dress: Pinky, Shoes: The Avenue, Bracelets: Belk
The other Stripers and I have been having tons of fun shopping the Summer Dresses at Ross. As you can see above, I am loving my Pinky dress in Teal. Best $20 I've spent in a long while.

Capris: The Avenue, Shoes: The Avenue, Blouse: Kohl's

And would a post from Ginny be complete without a pair of colored jeans? This pair are so soft and comfortable, they could be worn as pajamas, in my opinion!

I love this top I picked up at Kohl's too! It's nice and breezy with an adorable tie!

Whatever you're wearing this summer, keep it cool an comfortable. Stay lovely ladies!


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