Friday, July 19, 2013

Gray skies are gonna clear up......

It has been a bit dreary here the past few weeks with all of this rain and it hasn't really felt like summer at all.   Nothing perks me up quite like a new dress, so I got this cheerful, poppy print, number from Simply Be and it has done the trick. 

This dress definitely spreads sunshine all over the place, especially when paired with a bright yellow Lane Bryant cardi and Aerosoles sandals.

Please focus on the dress and not the seriously weird, faces that I am making in these pics. 
I sometimes hear people say that they can't wear a particular color because of their skin tone or hair color and I can honestly say that I have never considered either of those as a factor when buying clothes.  I have four orange dresses in my closet and only one black one.  If I like a color, I wear it.  And sometimes I like to wear multiple bright colors together.  I'm sure they don't always flatter me as well as some other colors, but life's too short to wear neutrals all the time.  So rock that hot pink and neon green, friends, as long as it puts a happy face on you.

:)  Kelly

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