Friday, August 23, 2013

Bargain Shoppa!

I love a deal.  I come from a long, proud, line of bargain hunters.  The women in my family do not believe in paying full price for anything.  20% off is not a bargain, 10% off won't even make us look up from our sale circular, and 5% just makes us laugh and shake our heads (seriously, Retailers?).  We want a real deal, a deal we can boast about.  When someone compliments our new sweater we want to be able to smile and say "Thanks, $4.00, Macy's clearance rack."

Bargain shopping takes patience, you can't be too impulsive with your purchases and you have to accept that sometimes you are not going to get that skirt that you love because it may sell out in your size before it gets cheap enough.  It also takes time, not everyone has a lot, I know, but it involves digging through heaps of clearance clothes and racks at consignment shops.  But it is possible to dress like a princess on a pauper's budget.

This dress I'm wearing is a true, bona fide, bargain.  It's Cynthia Rowley and I got it for........$19.99 at Marshalls a few months ago.  It wouldn't be half a lovely if I paid full price!

Lane Bryant cardi and cami, Aerosoles sansals.

Pretty in pink!
A lot of great deals can be found online too, if you prefer it.  There are some great bargain sites like,, and  Also, before you make any online purchase, you should take a minute to do a google search for promo codes.  I find them a lot and it can save you an extra 20% off or get you free shipping.

Some of my favorite brick and mortar stores to get deals from are Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Macy's.

Happy Hunting,


  1. Don't forget to use ebates! And if you refer a friend, you get a sizeable gift card to Target or another store like that.