Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Short hair, don't care.

When it comes to my hair, I am really lazy.  I'm totally a wash and wear, kinda gal.  Mostly I sport a smart, bob hairstyle, between earlobe and chin length.  Except every two or three years I decide I need a change and try long hair.   It just does NOT flatter me.  I have fine, wavy hair that gets kind of stringy when it gets long and I usually just end up putting it into a ponytail or bun. 

So this year when I  wanted a change, I decided to go shorter.  I had a lot of trepidation about this and I pinned pictures of Michelle Williams and Ginnifer Goodwin for months, but this past Saturday I finally bit the bullet and chopped it all off.  Spoiler alert: I am adorable!

I tore a picture of Michelle Williams out of a copy of Self Magazine that's been in my bathroom for months and headed to my stylist. I wish I had taken a picture of the picture because the styling instructions underneath advised women with round faces to avoid the cut.  (As did many of the hairstyle websites and magazines that I read.)  I did have a small moment of panic when she was about halfway through, but my lovely hairstylist, Rachel, was really excited about my new cut and reassured me.  

Self Magazine doesn't tell me what to do.  Behold:

Suck it, Self!

Other side ;)

A post from me would not be complete without an awkward expression.

It's just hair, ladies.  Don't be scared to try something new.  I am so glad I did.

xo, Kelly

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