Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reader Request: The Peplum Top

Greetings Horizontal Stripers!
     We love feeling the blog love and welcome your feedback. Please let us know anytime you have suggestions of styles you'd like us to cover, and we'll try our best to make it happen for you. Today's feature is the peplum top, thanks to a reader request! Now I have to admit y'all, as much as I love some crazy prints and patterns, shapewise I'm fairly traditional with clothing. I resisted the peplum top as long as I possibly could! Though I'm a late 80s baby, I wanted this style to stay back in the day with Madonna and Cyndi. Part of my apprehension was that my frame didn't need a lot of extra volume near my hip area - the widest part of my body - and the other part was that I'd tried on a few tops that were too long or too billowy, and I just didn't like any of them. But I figured if I can wear all my crazy color combos, I could definitely challenge myself to a fashion duel. I can't tell y'all to be adventurous in your fashion and not follow suit, can I? So here goes! One of the three peplum tops I now own!

Top: Cato// Skirt: City Chic// Earrings/Belt: Lane Bryant// Shoes: Guess via Marshall's

    Our reader request also wanted different ways to wear peplum, so here are a few below!

Image courtesy of Fashion Based

Peplum Wearing 101

This is a short checklist that will help you in your peplum selection:
     1) Peplum will add volume around the hip area. If you carry weight there or it is the biggest part of your body, you can still pull this top off! You'll almost always see it styled with a less voluminous piece on the bottom half of the body if it is in top form or with a sleek top if it is in dress or shirt form. This not only draws attention to the detail, the peplum, but also makes a nice line with one outstanding detail on the body.
     2) All styles are not created equal. There are long styles, high-low styles, and short styles as shown above. Don't count them out before you try them on. You may be surprised by which style flatters you most. 

     3) It's also ok to feel like there is too much material. Don't let one unflattering style stop you from trying other things on.
     4) Like any other fashion choice, don't be afraid to experiment with color, pattern, and texture. These also affect the way the style may fall on you.

    5) If you really want to ease your way into this trend, you can try adding things like a peplum belt instead of buying a top you may not know if you'll wear often. This also allows you to add a peplum look to more outfits if you like belting things.
    Belt available at Asos

Here are a few more variations on the peplum trend:
Blazer and Coat



Even bathing suit options!

You CAN tackle the trend called peplum! I hope this post has given you some ideas.Keep those reader requests coming! For some other great peplum outfit ideas be sure to check out Tanesha of Girl With Curves. She has impeccable style, great beauty and lifestyle tips, and she has this peplum thing on lock!
Until next time Horizontal Stripers,

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