Thursday, August 8, 2013


Greetings Horizontal Stripers!
    At our last photo shoot I was not feeling very photogenic. I'm usually the one dancing around in the background so that the other Stripers can laugh for the camera, but my perk was gone that fateful morning until I put on the piece de resistance. I'm in love with this dress, and I just had to bring in some props to exploit my inner diva! I knew she was in there somewhere. Eat your heart out Beyonce!

This snazzy number has a handkerchief hem which isn't my usual go to, but there's just something about it! 

Dress: Ashley Stewart (on clearance now!) Shoes: Torrid
Telephone not included ;-)

You're just hilarious, Dahling!

Bang Bang! We're beautiful and dirty rich!

     The other Stripers and I are so glad to bring you our little piece of creativity each week, so to help fluff my plumage I decided to channel the one and only Gaga by alluding to several of her song lyrics in this post. You get some cool points if you can find them all. We hope that Horizontal Stripes inspires you to let your inner diva shine through: without the mental breakdowns and trips to rehab, of course! While you're channeling your inner Sasha Fierce, check out I Live the Cute Life. It's an awesome blog by a friend of mine whose wit and insight into life will not only have you in stitches, but will also have you nodding your head in agreement.
Until next time Stripers! Groove. Slam. Work It Back. Filter That, Baby Bump That Track! 

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